Quagliano & Seeger, P.C. maintains a robust surety practice capable of addressing a vast array of surety-specific needs.  Our lawyers have significant experience in surety matters obtained through the representation of a broad cross-section of the surety industry.  Our surety practice includes the handling of "bad faith" claims, default termination/performance bond claims, payment bond disputes, takeover, ratification and completion agreements, indemnity matters, disputes with bond agents and the pursuit of affirmative claims on behalf of the surety's principal.  Importantly, unlike some firms, our surety counseling is not limited simply to a thorough understanding of the surety's distinct legal rights and duties.  Rather, our inside knowledge of jobsite issues and of the construction industry as a whole provides a "synergy" in effectively counseling our surety clients on both its unique legal setting and on the complex technical construction issues that often accompany bond claims.

We understand the discrete and often competing interests that sureties must confront in discharging their bond obligations, and the diverse considerations attendant to litigating and arbitrating surety disputes.  We work hard to assist our surety clients in satisfying their duties while avoiding unnecessary exposure to bond losses and expenses.  Most importantly, our lawyers work closely with our clients' claims attorneys and personnel to help maximize the surety's options and promptly address its needs while recognizing the surety's emphasis on practical, business-oriented decision making.