Franchise and Distribution

Franchising is a unique mutually beneficial relationship that exists between franchisees and franchisors.  Franchised companies gain an affordable means of accelerating expansion and franchisees can begin a business with the head start that comes from promoting an existing brand with defined business methods and available support.  As with most business relationships, conflicts can arise.  Quagliano & Seeger, P.C. has the expertise franchise professionals need to help them navigate these disputes.  We help clients avoid litigation by suggesting business solutions and compromises that can provide the best outcome for all parties given the existing circumstances.  If litigation is necessary, Quagliano & Seeger will be your advocate in court or through alternative dispute resolution channels.  Our expertise includes breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, franchise termination, transfer issues, disputes involving disclosure violations, encroachment, alternative sales channel conflict, trademark and copyright infringement and implied covenants of good faith and fair dealing.

In many cases, when no prior conflict of interest exists, Quagliano & Seeger can assist start-up franchisees evaluate the business opportunity by providing a legal review of the franchisors' disclosure documentation, proposed franchise agreement and other franchisor-provided information.