Government Contracts

Quagliano & Seeger, P.C.'s practice includes substantial experience in Government Contract disputes.  We assist our clients' navigation through the minefields of federal and state procurement laws, tackling issues ranging from interpreting the Federal Acquisition Regulations, to the Buy America Act and obstacles to compliance with Davis-Bacon Act obligations.  The firm handles bid protests, submissions of contract claims, appeals from boards of contract appeals decisions and everything in between.

We blend our talents with those of our clients and minimize the inevitable disruptions associated with bringing lawyers into business operations.  Our experience and business understanding permit us to avoid wasting unnecessary time and energy learning about what our clients do.  Instead, we immediately focus our efforts on what we were hired to accomplish: the development and implementation of cost-effective and pragmatic solutions to our clients' problems and concerns.  Our clients can then better focus their resources on building their products instead of building-up their lawyers' billable hours.