Business Litigation and Bankruptcy

Quagliano & Seeger, P.C. provides legal advice on general business matters for its small business, as well as Fortune 100, clients including commercial disputes, contracts, securities, corporate and partnership matters and employment law issues.  The Firm has appeared as plaintiff and defense counsel in a wide range of business matters and commercial disputes, including non-compete agreements, discrimination claims, injunction proceedings, declaratory relief, interpleader actions, fraud and conversion, lender liability, insurance defense and bankruptcy litigation.

Members of the Firm have litigated jury and non-jury matters and arbitrations with multi-million dollars at stake.  In addition, a number of the Firm's clients are major credit and financial organizations or have routine debtor-creditor litigation and collection matters.  Thus, attorneys in Quagliano & Seeger, P.C. are experienced in the areas of commercial, bankruptcy, and secured transactions law and make frequent appearances in all state and federal courts, including the federal bankruptcy courts.  Firm members have also been extensively involved in complex creditor work-out proceedings, both on the creditor and debtor side.  This experience includes representation of limited partnerships, its general and limited partners, corporate entities and individual guarantors.